Securely Collaborate in Remote Locations

Have you created a new remote work model for business continuity? Or have you considered what the future of work looks like for your business? There’s no doubt that organizations need to securely collaborate in remote locations. With Next Dimension and Cisco, work with confidence knowing that if you’re collaborating on Webex and a participant wasn’t invited to a meeting, they aren’t joining. That’s because these tools were designed with security from the get-go—helping ensure that your remote workers stay productive while collaborating with colleagues and partners.

At the intersection of collaboration solutions, the collaboration lifecycle, and cybersecurity solutions are gaps that hackers can exploit.  Organizations must ensure they can securely collaborate in remote locations.  Quickly adapting companies may not fully understand the gaps, the industry-specific vulnerabilities, and the fact that all security solutions are not created equal. At Next Dimension we will help you collaborate securely among your entire remote workforce.

Today, business wins depend on remote collaboration and teamwork.  Teams are bigger, more diverse, and more distributed.  

The Modern Guide to Securing your Next Meeting will help address security risks like collaborating from an unsecured device, or connection.  

Modern Guide available via instant download.

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Business and resource needs are constantly changing.  No single layer of security is adequate. Instead, security needs to be comprised of layers that work together:

True end-to-end encryption. Even with encryption “in transit” and “at rest,” servers can still access unencrypted content—meaning customers are still vulnerable to breaches of their collaboration service provider. True end-to-end encryption keeps data safe when it is “in use” as well as when it is “at rest” and “in transit.”
Integration with other solutions. Seamlessly combining security functionality with leading providers adds strength to strength.
Administrative control.  A collaboration service is only as strong as the security options given to those hosting it.
Device management. Whether corporate-owned or BYOD, vulnerable access points need special attention.
Segmentation. Splitting your network access into different subnetworks strengthens your defenses.

All of these layers are important individually. But their real power to protect stems from the security multiplier effect they achieve when they act in concert.

    Modern Guide to Securing Webex