Cultivating Employee Experience.

Next Dimension is committed to cultivating a workplace culture around the Employee Experience.  We maximize our people, processes, and perceptions through improving their experience at key touch points in their employment.

We have completely reshaped our org structure and our working relationship for HR and other functions to meet this workplace culture.

Begin your journey with Next Dimension today.

We are always on the lookout for great talent.   Our Job Board showcases available positions, and welcome curious and passionate individuals to apply to join our team.

Discovery Day

Partnership with St. Clair College

To kick off our Partnership with St. Clair College, Next Dimension hosted our first annual Discovery Day. A select group of graduating students from the Computer Technology & Networking program spent the day at our Windsor Headquarters, immersing themselves into a “Day in the Life” of a Managed IT Service Provider. During the course of the day, these students heard presentations from Next Dimension Management and Staff, participated in social and practical activities, and also made presentations back to our Management Team.

Discovery Day was a culmination of efforts between St. Clair College and Next Dimension; a campaign that spanned six months, included presentations and a selection process, and resulted in two students receiving (and accepting!) job offers.

Our commitment to alliances of this nature further supports our Employee Experience EX Initiative. Recruiting at Next Dimension is no longer seen as a transactional exercise, but as a relationship-building exercise that fosters career possibilities for people who are intrigued by our culture, environment, and technology.

We are committed to leveraging partnerships with the academic community as part of our overall recruitment strategy to fond passionate, curious people who want to win.