With Aryaka, Next Dimension Adds the First SD-WAN Solution to Their Portfolio

(ONTARIO, April 24 2019) Effective immediately, Next Dimension and Aryaka have entered into a partnership to provide Aryaka’s Global SD-WAN service to multi-national, enterprise customers that have a presence in the Canadian market.  SD-WAN is a transformative initiative enabling global organizations to deliver high performance connectivity at a lower price/performance ratio than traditional MPLS.

This partnership offers Next Dimensions customers with a global presence a new level of connectivity flexibility and reliable performance beyond North America.

“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Next Dimension. The partnership signifies a strategic move by Aryaka and Next Dimension to bring a solution to the Canadian market that addresses the communications challenges presented by Enterprise multi-cloud & digital data communication traffic” said Olen Scott, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Channel at Aryaka.

“In our on-going effort to support Next Dimension customers with technology options that directly improve business performance, we are excited to add Aryaka’s next generation of WAN connectivity solutions to our product suite.”  said Andrew Ford, VP Sales & Marketing at Next Dimension.

With Next Dimension and Aryaka, globalized customers can realize their WAN and digital transformation initiatives with more efficient market access, better utilization of cloud services, and the confidence of having the stability and security of private line connectivity around the globe.

About Next Dimension

Next Dimension Inc.  is a premier North American IT Service Provider, headquartered in Windsor Ontario, with offices in London, Waterloo, Markham, and Detroit.  Next Dimension is built on a heritage of delivery excellence, industry knowledge, and a strong technical team.

About Aryaka

Aryaka is the only fully managed SD-WAN solution that enables global organizations to accelerate their WAN Transformation initiatives. Our global points of presence and built-in WAN optimization ensures the high performance of any application anywhere in the world. From the first mile through the last mile, we own all aspects of our customers’ connectivity providing an agile and quick-to-deploy solution for the forward-thinking enterprise.


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