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IT Strategy Enables Business Strategy

Next Dimension curates the most practical and useful tools and strategic IT insights from the web.  This week we shared articles across our social media talking about how IT strategy enables business strategy as well as IT ROI + Security, and filling the gap between the server room and the boardroom.

Technology spend will remain conservative through 2020.  To justify spend, IT has to tie technology investments to desired business outcomes.  

The pandemic put the brakes on technology spend as companies navigated through short, medium and long-term business projections.  Organizations deferred where possible and closely scrutinized spending.  To justify spend, IT has to tie technology investments to desired business outcomes, and stretch every dollar possible.  Here are three ways to maximize value on your next IT spend:

    1. Understand what’s in the application stack

A large number of applications have legacy roots. As companies assess their portfolio, previously hesitant organizations are more open to application cuts and the prioritization of decommissioning.

    1. Negotiate with vendors

Companies purchasing technology have more leverage in today’s climate. The potential for negotiations applies across the technology stack.

    1. Not in use? Turn it off

It’s no different than turning the lights off when leaving a room.  Company policies should define usage and automatically turn instances off.


IT ROI + Security

Scammers are ruthless, especially in the midst of a pandemic.  Here are a few tips to avoid falling victim when tensions and emotions are running high.

Cyber criminals thrive when there is panic among their targets.  With so many employees working in new environments, using connection and devices not typical of their pre-covid work life, it’s easier for scammers to take advantage.  Here are a few tips to avoid falling victim:

  • Stay calm.  Scammers use time pressure to encourage people to make decisions under stress
  • Check the sender.  If you receive a message that instructs you to click a link or provide information, always check the sender’s details first.
  • Install antivirus & cybersecurity protection.  The battle against malware, phishing and all other types of online and offline threats, starts with deploying a multi-layered protection strategy.


66% of Global phishing attacks are against Canada, compared to just 7% in the United States.  Canadian organizations must remain on guard.

Phishing remains the go-to weapon of choice for cyber criminals, accounting for nearly 55% of all cyber attacks observed by this Dell Technologies subsidiary.  The internet is a conduit for criminals to reach organizations and consumers due to the isolation millions of people have been exposed to and the added reliance on remote connections.


Filling the Gap Between the Boardroom and Server room

76% of IT leaders reported employee downtime while adapting IT systems and processes to new business models.  An IT Roadmap will mitigate this challenge.

When stores and restaurants shuttered, suddenly businesses needed to think about how to effectively reach customers virtually.  At the corporate level, businesses were in a mad scramble to ensure employees remain safe and productive at home.  Here are some strategies to consider when turning short-term IT fixes into long-term sustainability:

    1. Scale costs to strategies
    2. Automate where possible
    3. Prepare for permanent remote work
    4. Get smart on going back to work


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