Strategic Insights: Leading Your Transformation

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Digital transformation may feel like the finish line, but it’s really the starting block. 

Digital Transformation is the start; the goal is to operate at a level of digital excellence.  The level of digital excellence your organization achieves is directly related to how well you manage these three best practices:

1. Embrace legacy technologies

2. Operationalize privacy compliance for your content

3. Establish data trust.

If you have embraced your digital transformation, you are already ahead of many.  The forward thinking approach is to now focus your corporate energy on digital excellence.


Only 40% of people think they have the right technology to work as fast as the business wants them to.  A strong Technology Roadmap will bridge the gap.  

Canadian companies have finally embraced the phrase Digital Transformation.  Canada, once seen as Laggards in the adoption of corporate digital strategies, is now reporting that 8-10 businesses were either evaluating in the midst of adoption, or already considered themselves as leaders in digital strategy and execution.

What may be holding your organization back from making the commitment to a digital strategy?  HR Reporter suggests these roadblocks may need to addressed:

Lack of skills is a real challenge.  Many organizations are unsure if they even have the right in house digital skills to transform; and even more organizations are unsure how to leverage outside support with their in-house expertise.

Retention and embracing from the C-Suite.  If the digital transformation lives within the IT department and remains IT’s problem to solve, the entire organization will fail to adopt this transformation.  These shifts must be embraced from the top down.


Resist the temptation for the coolest tools.  Focus instead on the right planning and preparation to support the business throughout your transformation.

If your organization is starting to consider a digital transformation strategy for 2021, STOP.  First you need to answer these three questions:

1. Is there a Chief Digital Officer?
2. Should there be a Digitalization Team to lead changes?
3. What key structures are most in need of changes?

The first steps towards executing your digital strategy can be stressful, but having these key elements in place will help ensure your organization has a digital champion, a team of motivated individuals to lead the culture shift, and a clear priorities list of what to tackle first.


Disruptive forces continue to impact businesses.  Digital Leadership is an articulated response; extending organizational capabilities for business growth.

The IDC released their FutureScape report which includes the top worldwide IT predictions for 2021.  Of course, COVID-19 has reshaped the IT industry, and these predictions from the IDC report give a glimpse into not only next year, but the next few years to come.  Here are just a few of the top IT industry predictions:

1. Edge Becomes a Top Priority
2. Development of the Intelligent Digital Workspace
3. Resiliency is Central to the Next Normal
4. A shift towards Autonomous IT Operations
5. People Still Matter

The IDC released this report accompanied by links to a complete webinar series diving deeper into each IT trend predicted for 2021.


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