Strategic Insights: Transformation & Security Trends

Next Dimension curates the most practical and useful tools and strategic IT insights from the web.  This week we shared articles across our social media talking about Transformation & Security Trends.

With customers demand moving to digital first, modernizing your technology infrastructure will set you up for the 3Rs: Responsiveness, Reconfiguration and Resilience.

EY asks a very poignant question: Are you running on Analog in a Digital boom?  They suggest four steps to successful automation for those that make and sell goods.  At the start of 2020, EY reported in their Future Consumer Index that customers around the world are shifting their demands.  They want products and services that are “digital, local, and sustainable”.

Take a look at your organization.  Take a look at your service offering.  Are you able to achieve this?  If you can see where you might make improvements, but aren’t sure how to get started, EY recommends these four steps to optimize and digitize your supply chain:

1. Review supply chain intelligence
2. Critique supply chain architecture
3. Integrate operational excellence and supply chain planning
4. Test supply chain sustainability and resilience

Applying these steps will set your business on the path to achieving the 3Rs: Responsiveness, Reconfiguration, and Resilience.


Optimizing virtual interactions will be a top priority this year. Have you found new ways to interact with Employees? Suppliers? Customers?

CIO review talks about the five trends to prepare for and optimize along your 2021 Digital Journey.  These trends will foster new processes, new mindsets, and no doubt create new initiatives you may not have considered for this fiscal year.  Not every initiative may make your top list of priorities, but should be ranked inside your organization nonetheless:

Accelerated Investment
Switching to Virtual Interaction
Increase use of Contactless Solutions
Digital Communication Network Upgrades
Improved Investment in Cloud Technology

Unsure where to start?  Consider reviewing your organization’s willingness and readiness to adapt – start with the easiest wins.  Use this interactive worksheet to determine which parts of your business are ready.


THIS IS NOT A DRILL. There are many benefits to running cybersecurity practice drills with your staff to keep you safe. Here’s ten:

Running cybersecurity practice drills help protect your business in so many ways. gives some clear and calculated benefits to investing in running cyber safety exercises within your organization – ten to be exact. Below may have the most immediate impact:

Train your People
Improve your Response
Determine External Needs
Find non-Compliance Risks

Not sure where to start?  Here’s a free cybersecurity training course to use within your organization including a number of tools to test the quality of training for your staff.


What makes a great digital leader?  The skills might surprise you.  How do you fare against these 11 signs?

Digital Transformation may very well be led by IT inside your organization, but it’s not because the IT lead (CIO, VP) excels in a traditional role.  IT leads used to pride themselves on project efficiency and on time delivery.  They were laser focused on a solution to solve a specific problem.  The Digital leader of today must take a holistic look that encompasses all corporate outputs, processes, and customer interactions.  Enterprise Project noted 11 traits of effective Digital Leaders.  Among those, the most intriguing are they following they say Digital Transformation Leaders do:

Democratize tech understanding
Focus on flow
Practice pragmatism
Inspire others
Prioritize the customer experience

You can use this assessment tool to define your skills as a Natural Digital Leader.


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